Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson blackfacing………Delete these people

Should I release my Jinx too? Too damn touchy, that’s what I say. Until we can stop crying ‘offensive’ on anything race related, we will get no where.

Silence your damn mouth.

Thing is, there really is no difference. Racism is racism, no matter how you dress it up and no matter how “innocent” or “benign” the intent. Of course you don’t want to hear about it; you don’t think you’re part of the problem. Attempting to downplay blackface as “comedy” is definitely not part of the solution. People of color are belittled, mocked, assaulted, raped, murdered and generally dehumanized literally every day, everywhere in the world by white people who suffer little to no consequences, but they’re overreacting. Sure. The sad part is, none of this will make any difference to you.

^^Exactly. These type of people are lost cause